Acui-T has pionnered the use of Ozone in aquaculture. With a partnership with Ozonia, world leader in the production of ozone, Acui-T has introduced with success ozone treatment in tropical shrimp farming aiming building at a strong sanitary fence against invasive pathogens and competitors.

• Why ? How ? What choice of equipments ?

The use of ozone in water disinfection at shrimp farm inlet is a challenge which requires a comprehensive approach. Acui-T has selected a pool of complementary equipment to optimize ozone transfer in water at an acceptable energy cost. Flows from 100 to 10 000 m3/h can be treated.

Ozone in R.A.S. doesn’t aim at disinfection but bio-depollution control. Limiting bacterial blooms, oxydizing molecules which are difficult to bio-fix, here are the true goals of ozone in R.A.S.

• Integrating these techniques at an acceptable cost/benefit ratio requires specific knowledge on potential activity as well as on the ways to inject efficiently gas in water at limited risks.

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