Acui-T is a Unipersonal « Ltd » Company intiated in 2005 by its actual CEO Didier Leclercq.

After a first experience with R & D, then heading a leader in flat fish production during many years (France Turbot SA), Didier Leclercq’s will was to develop a consulting activity around aquaculture technologies solutions integration at fish farm sites.

Mainly focused on water treatment technologies, Acui-T has developed strong supports for fish, shrimp and oyster farmers. Some significant break through were made like ozone treatment in shrimp farm inlets.

Acui-T’s contributions are always based on expected economical improvements for the customer. Energy savings along with the water treatment efficiency is a particular permanent focus.

Various solutions can be developped, from simple assesment up to « turn key » equipment implementation.

An in-depth knowledge of the aquaculture company economics, as well as its international experience, helps Acui-T diffusing the latest technologies in water treatment and recycling, as well as defining its own standards for some equipment like pumps or ozone treatment chain.

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Didier Leclercq
Didier Leclercq, Acui-T founder & CEO

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